Calling Local Groups

Calling all Local Voluntry Groups, we would like to hear from you.

If you have any upcoming meetings, events, trips or just want the local community to know what’s going in your Group. Just email me on and we will include your news/event on our Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram & even Video (if you have it) on our YouTube Channel.

If your group has a Website, Facebook, Twitter etc.. let us know and we can link to those too, (if we aren’t already).

We have a community calendar on this site to list any upcoming meetings, events etc also. Just email us the details so your event will be listed.

Our goal is to help promote all the great organisations, groups, clubs and community facilities that Newcastle, Ballymacarbry and Ballybacon/Grange communities has to offer, not just for locals but to the public in general.

Calling all Local Voluntary Groups
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