When an Emergency Vehicle Approaches:

• Turn off the radio if you hear a siren and check your rear view mirror, to allow you to determine which direction the Emergency Vehicle is coming from
• Gently breaking, indicate to pull the car over to the left
• Pull over to the left hand side of the road and stop
• Stay there until the Emergency Vehicle has passed. Be mindful there may be more than one Emergency
• Once you are sure the Emergency Vehicle has passed, indicate that you intend to pull out again. When it is
safe to do so gradually merge back into traffic

• Don’t panic, don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation
• Don’t go out onto a junction or intersection if stopped at a red light, we will negotiate around you, unless
directed to do so by the Gardaí or emergency services personnel
• Never tailgate or try to overtake an Emergency Vehicle
• Never race after an emergency vehicle to get through a traffic light
• Never break a red light or speed to allow emergency vehicles to pass unless you’re directed to do this by the
Gardaí or emergency services personnel.

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